Sep 5, 2012

"Princess Summerfall Winterspring"

 Judy Tyler as Princess Summerfall Winterspring
Growing up on the East Coast of the U.S. in the 50's, my little brother, Mark,  loved to sit in his small blue and yellow webbed beach chair and watch...
'The Howdy Doody Show'.
A mixture of marionettes and actual humans made up the cast of characters. Among others there was Howdy Doody himself dangling from the puppeteer's strings, and Buffalo Bob - a living, breathing,
'30-something' guy in a cowboy suit. 
 They were joined intermittently according to the situation by:
 Phineas T. Bluster - the mayor of Doodyville,
Flubadub (a composite of 8 different animals),
Dilly Dally, and 
Clarabelle the Clown.
There were others, but none important enough for me to remember now,
more than a half a century later.
While laying in bed one night, wondering how in the world I could find the time to chronicle the events I wanted to in this blog,
 (I am woefully behind and there is no sign of a let-up in my farm chores...),
the memory of those days when I would walk by
 and only casually glance
at the round-screened console TV in our living room,
came flooding back. 
And suddenly, the impression that was the strongest
 was that of me standing behind that small beach chair,
 with my pre-teen ponytail and thick white bobby sox,
 discovering the most beautiful character of all...
Princess Summerfall Winterspring.
(pay close attention to her name...) 
I think this may be the answer.
Let's see if it works!
(read on.....)

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