Jul 4, 2012

"Then and Now"

Maxie and Cécile chalking the small animal barn.

When Anthony left, Cécile came. 
 Also French and fulfilling a school internship,
 she was a darling girl and very sweet natured.
She smiled and tried to understand our English and laughed when she couldn't make out what in the world we were talking about.

This is the only picture we have of her when she didn't have her oversized earrings on, even in the barn.
(We told her they would pick up the barn smell, ruining them for future wearings, but she didn't care....).

We looked forward to a happy month having her with us
but a sudden and severe illness put her mother in the hospital back in France.
As the oldest of three children Cécile was needed back home immediately.

She was nervous when she came to tell us about the call from her father.
We said,
"Family First"
and sent her on her way.

We wondered what we would do for the help we needed.
We needn't have worried....

...unbeknownst to us,

The "FAB FOUR" were soon to arrive!

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