Apr 25, 2011

"When Corvin Came..."

...we didn't know he'd work out so well. 

he scrubbed floors,

He painted ceilings,

he mucked out,

he fed calves,

he hung fat for the birds,

he hauled milk,

he was our first vegetarian,

and the one who found our first lambs of this season.

Having him in our home made life on the farm even richer than it usually is.
Maybe that's one of the greatest compliments anyone could recieve.


Julie said...

Hi there! Our son Elder McKinly Lopp is serving his Mission in Sweden and knows you and told me about your blog. Wow! You have an amazing blog. We have a blog too. It's It's got lots of pictures of Elder Lopp (Mic) that's what we call him. Sounds like he loves Sweden. Nice to meet you.

em-il-ie said...

It IS a great compliment. I love this post with it's simply beautiful pictures and meanigful message.