Apr 24, 2011

"Plus and Minus"
Corvin was upstairs in his bed reading...

I was downstairs hanging some laundry...

Gustav was in the shower...

Pappa was working by the tractor garage...

 and we all heard it at the same time:
(Not good.)

 Corvin came running downstairs.   I called for Gustav on my way upstairs.  He threw on his clothes and raced out of the shower room.  
 The three of us hit the front door as fast as we could to see what was going on.

The heifers were out!
How did they do it?  We didn't have any idea.
How could we get them in again FAST?
Like this...

 Corvin was the "human fence" so they couldn't come back that way.  Gustav herded them towards the gate and gave them a talking to at the same time. 
You can't see me or Pappa but we are over to the left of this picture blocking the road so they couldn't run that way either.  Pappa, hearing the shouting from where he was in the tractor garage, had hurried out to see how he could help.

 And we got them back in again. 

When the heifers get out it is a three-fold problem:

1.  They could be injured by running somewhere that isn't safe for them.
2.  They could run onto other people's property and do significant damage.
3.  They are large and powerful and could injure a human being or smaller animal.
All of those scenarios are minuses.
But there is one giant plus in situations like this as well.

 When something unexpected occurs - and there are many instances in farm life where that happens,

We snap into action as a team.
 We  drop whatever we are doing and race to solve the problem,

There is no jockeying for position or trying to be the "big boss". There is no pride or arrogance involved. 
 It is just everyone pulling as one to insure that all is set to rights.

Because of that,
 we succeed each time.

I  LOVE that part of our lives.

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