Mar 23, 2012

"Round Two"

The summer breakfast table on the farm. 
Ten days later we woke to a bright and beautiful  summer morning, 
the perfect time for moving the calves to the field in front of the storstuga. 
They had done so well in the training pen that they were ready
 for the big field  where they would spend the summer and fall seasons. 
 The missionaries, Elder Lopp and Elder Monson,  were on their way to give us another service day and would arrive in good time for the
 typical summer breakfast on the farm. 

It's always the same....

Homemade soft breads, crisp knäcke and tunnbröd (crisp and thin breads), sliced cold meat (in this case it was our homemade corned beef), fresh vegetables,  saft (fruit drink made from our berries last Fall and preserved in the root cellar), fizzie water with lemon and lime slices, ranch and thousand island dressings for the sandwiches, cheeses from our dairy,

and the mainstay of it all....  långfil.

Långfil is a cultured milk product that is something like stringy, thick yogurt until you hit it with the big whisk...then it turns into a liquid  that is SO velvety and SO satisfying that even after you are full,
you still kind of want to eat...

 another bowl of långfil!

Smothered with cornflakes or muesli
 and topped with sliced strawberries from our garden,
 it can "only be good".  
 There is something so very basic about it that it is universally appealing. 
We make it in 30 liter batches, stored  in large stainless steel canisters in the dairy cooler,  refilling a 5 liter stainless steel hod as needed  
 in the inside fridge.

It is truly wonderful.

With that substantial breakfast under our belt we were ready for the day. 

It seemed at first it would be pretty easy. 
 Anthony brought out a calf and it was trotting along just fine down the driveway towards the field.

 For a moment it started to run the other way,

   but soon enough he had it headed toward the path and safely into the field,

where Gustav was waiting with his furry friend.
Good job...going smoothly...everyone looks happy, right?

(Stay tuned for the next installment!)

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