Jan 11, 2012

"Pouring SALT, 
(Oh wait! - I mean..)  
on the Wounds"

Right around the time that Lauren came,  Gustav, to his great delight, became the proud owner of a new

We tried to snap pictures of him speeding along with the wind plastering his hair back from the sheer  force  generated by riding this new and wonderful item,
 but no......
the only shots we could ever  manage were of the multiple wounds he inflicted on himself in his attempts to master the instrument.
The amount of cream, rubs,  gauze bandages,  saunas, and sympathy was  reaching epic proportions, but somehow it didn't seem to be enough.  After a while we weren't sure how to comfort him anymore - each day seemed to bring a new scrape or graze or bruise.

But Lauren knew how.

With her kind heart and deep belief in the old adage
"the way to a banged-up teenage boy's heart is through his stomach",

she baked and cooked up a storm on Gustav's (and the rest of the family's) behalf.  
And she was a formidable force herself in that respect!

Pictured above is a Princesstårta, one of the classics of Swedish baking.

Not only did she make the "from scratch" cake with it's rounded top draped in bright green marzipan, but she  hand-fashioned the pink marzipan flowers that decorated it.

It was deluxe! 

And guess who was first in line to dig in?
You got it....(notice vestiges of wounds on lower forearm).

 She made cream-filled, fruity masterpieces, she made super frothy smoothies,

but her pièce de résistance was unquestionably,
The Swedish Pinocchio Cake.

She made so many of them we lost count and every single one was vacuumed up by the family in record time.

A light meringue-y top and bottom housed a luscious billow of sweetened whipped cream in the middle and toasted almonds crunched up the top. 

We loved it all, but even more we loved her kindness and sweetness as she worked away on the treats every day, even with all the other responsibilities she shouldered with us on the farm. 

It is still such a happy memory.

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