Nov 2, 2010

"Suit Up!"
Can you guess what this sign says? *
In a world of male teenage fashion seemingly dominated by 'dangerously-low-slung-baggy-pants' and 'oversized-faded-ill-fitting shirts',
our boys are lucky to have
Hans for a Dad!

When Gustav was interviewed at the beginning of the summer for an advancement in the Aaronic priesthood with all the increased responsibilities such an advancement entails, 
he approached Pappa and asked
 if we would consider buying him his first suit.
Just a few days later it was raining in Junsele (bringing a temporary halt to the farm work), but not in Sollefteå about an hour away, where the Dressman store was located.
We loaded up for "A day on town" as they say in Sweden.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky in Sollefteå.  We parked the car and headed across the sunny parking lot into  Dressman where Hans went straight to the rack to begin the search.  His days in the fashion designing industry have served him well...he has an unerring sense of style.

Gustav tried on.....and Hans checked,
then Gustav tried on again.....and Hans checked,
then Gustav tried on again.....and Hans checked,

and Maxie,
still adjusting to the demands of farm life,

One that looked just

A 'Trip-for-Two' to the shirt rack,
a 'Trip-for-Two' to the tie rack,

and a 'Trip-for-ONE'
to the cashier!

With smiling faces and a bag of new threads in hand, 
they came out of  Dressman.
It had been a singular father/son experience.

On the following Sunday,
after Sacrament Meeting in the Örnsköldsvik Branch,
an even more significant father/son event occurred.
Hans ordained a newly suited-up Gustav to the office of 
a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood
of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
Happy Day!

* "All summer merchandise,  take 3 pay for 2 on the lowest priced items."


MStevenson said...

Handsome suits!

Anonymous said...

Dad and Gustav are sooooo goodlooking! handsome men! Louise