Feb 6, 2010

 NO, NO, NO.... YES!

No Smoking!

No Drinking!

    With Manny leaving soon for his mission, our work force on the farm was going to need some "beefing up".
But in this remote area of northern Sweden how could we find someone who was willing to meet our strict criteria of: 

1.  No Smoking
2.  No Drinking 
                                        3.  No Drugs   
It seemed unlikely, maybe even impossible.

 Hans decided  to do some looking around.  He felt that we should put out the feelers through friends, church leaders, and government programs to see if we could attract  young couples who had a real interest in farming and were willing to abide by the standards we had set.  And in just ONE DAY, we did!


This cute little family was the first to apply. 

     Robin, 22 and a city boy, went to the high school for those who would like to become farmers and completed his education on that track.  He was classroom trained in all aspects of farm life.  His wife, Nettan,  20, was raised on a farm, and attended the same high school doing Animal Husbandry.  They met and fell in love and live about an hour from our farm with their first little baby son,  Theo, who is three months old.
     Their mentor, a wonderful man named Madjid, himself an immigrant to Sweden from Iran,  matches up prospective employers with young people who are finished with their formal education and looking to gain the experience they need to start their careers.  We were so impressed with Madjid's professional abilities, but more importantly, it was evident from the beginning that Madjid had a deep desire to assist those he works with. 
They drove up one morning for the initial meeting, tour of the farm, and discussion of the project. 
We were excited...and a little nervous...

This was a new venture for us.  We wanted to do it right.  We wanted it to be good for all concerned.  We wanted those who love this way of living as much as we do and value the beauty and fulfillment of farm life. We wanted someone who is a "good fit" and has a desire to learn.  And after the tour and the talk and the fika....

It  felt like it went... really well.

So in a few days Robin, Nettan and baby Theo will arrive on the farm to  start a four to five day trial period.  Then we will sit down together again and evaluate how it went for each of us.  If we all feel good about it, the next trial period of two weeks to a month will begin in February followed by another evaluation.  In the meantime... 

     Stay tuned.

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Lauralee said...

Sounds like a winning combination. Lucky you and lucky them!