Jan 8, 2010

Christmas Day on the Farm
Dec. 25, 2009


 Pictured above is the traditional set for "Glögg",  the warm, fruity, spiced Christmas  drink served with raisins and almonds.

     Here in Sweden, they're really onto something!

If you talk to the oldtimers in the village they will tell you that the key to "Christmas the way it really SHOULD be"  is...  "STORKOKA!"
(an imperitive term that means "Cook Big!")

     This Christmas has been different for us than any other.  Because of the magnitude of the cooking that was done by the two girls ahead of time,  the actual  Christmas Day was one of relaxation, visiting with family and peaceful activities with loved ones.  There was no pressure.  The gift exchange had been accomplished the night before. Even the farm work was done fairly quickly during the day, leaving time for warmth, fun and conversation.  
Papa, Clint and Nainy went to the barn where the last of the cows was sheared. 

While they were doing that, the boys and the missionaries were filling up the wood cavity in the basement of the main house.   Manny drove the tractor, outfitted with the forklift over to the woodpile and loaded up the bags.  In the meantime, Gustav swept off the outside trap door, lifted the hatch and removed the insulation.
Then, when the load was centered over the opening, Elders Harris and Blaylock worked with Gustav to empty it down the hatch into the wood cavity in the basement.  They did a superb job of filling it up!

Papa, Nainy and Clint finished up in the barn, the boys and the missionaries were done with the wood, Sophia and Louise had been working in the house, and now it was time for everyone to come together inside for some  family time!

Clint gave Sophia a foot rub, Elder Harris and Elder Blaylock worked on the puzzle, Gustav and Louise chatted it up and Nainy and Manny took a break.
                                                                                                                                                                      When it came time to eat, it was just a matter of heating up the food from the day before. We had cold and hot foods from the smörgasbord, as delicious as when they were freshly made.  So  muss, no fuss.  Here is  Papa at the sink, pitching in as he always does after the meal.

"STORKOKA!"  was great.
We learned from this experience that the old way REALLY IS the best way.
 It made for a wonderful, peaceful Christmas day for all of us.

We loved having the girls and Clint, we loved the order of it all, we loved the balance that came from focusing on the aspects of Christmas that are most important - the birth of our Savior, the love of family, and the pure  happiness of our life on the farm.

 God Jul!!


Lauralee said...

I choose the "putting the puzzle together" chore! I see that even on Christmas Day there are copious chores to be done. So nice to see everyone outside working and doing their part, no doubt without complaint. Glad you had a lovely, peaceful day. You deserve it bigtime. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Dad doing the dishes! I know how much he loves it! I swear he looks like he is regressing in age! Looks younger and younger! He is definitely the most handsome man I know!