Dec 3, 2009

Are there monkeys on the farm?

 Two of our little grandsons each asked:

Q: Grandpa Hans and Nainy - are there cows on the farm? 

A: Yes, Honey, there are cows on the farm.

Q: And are there 'sheeps' on the farm? 

A: Yes, Honey, there are 'sheeps' on the farm. (Here they are right after shearing...all trimmed up.)

Q: But are there monkeys on the farm?.....

A: Only Manny and Gustav! (Look how they can climb!)

     Because we are a historical farm  and are raising a breed of cow that was almost extinct only one generation ago (Fjållkor - Mountain Cows),  the European Union and the Swedish Government provided  a partial grant for building a much needed new hay barn/machine hall.  While Papa was away, Manny and Gustav had the task of covering the metal framework with wooden slats.  It was cold and wet with snow still on the ground in late Spring, but they started right in.  Each day after school before they lost the light and on Saturdays they worked on completing the new  complex so that it could be used for hay storage and the winter housing of  animals in the coming year.  The lower level extension off to the left is the machine hall where vehicles/machines can be kept  "under roof" during the winter months - a real necessity in the cold, wet climate of northern Sweden.

Here is the progress by the end of August last year.  Still to be added is another steel section that comes  forward of the large barn where the tractor is parked, and on the left hand end a  bay somewhat larger and taller than the machine hall bays.  It will be used for the storage of wood for the winter.  Currently the wood is in large net bags on pallets outside and must be covered with tarps for protection while still allowing air to pass through for the essential drying process. 

With winter upon us now it has been so wonderful to be able to put away the implements and vehicles safely in the bays and  set up a shelter for the sheep within the new building.  By next haying season (summer 2010), we are hoping to have it completed  to the point that we can use it for overflow hay storage and then later on as a facility where the cows can be "stall-free" during the winter days. 

So...."Grandpa Hans and Nainy -
Are there monkeys on the farm.......?" 

Happily,  for our family, the answer is  - 


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Lauralee said...

I am so happy that the two boys, Manny & Gustav, are still on the farm together. No doubt they are best buddies and work along great together. How lonely it will be when the gang breaks up and the boys head into their own separate lives. You need to slow the clock!