Oct 16, 2009

(or.... Run, Sheepy, Run)

A few mornings ago we woke up to this...uh-oh.

Bringing home the sheep from their summer pasture in the village of Östensjö about 5 kilometers away had been near the top of the job list for us, but when we looked out the window and saw the snow that morning, we knew we had to move fast. Manny and Gustav are old pros at getting the sheep in for the winter and earlier they had tried to do it with the horse trailer, thinking they could bring them back that way. But the sheep had other ideas and every time the boys would get them into the corral, the sheep would run out again before they could be loaded in - (quite a circus) - so we were back to the old way - walking them home. After the dairy and barn chores and milking were done and breakfast over, the boys were dressed warmly and ready to go. They got a bucket of grain to shake (the sheep will follow the sound) and we drove them up to Östensjö.

It only took a few rattles of the grain bucket and the fluffy babies came trotting toward the gate right away.
The snow had started to melt off and we thought it would be a crisp, clear day for the long walk back. But as they came through the gate and onto the road, it suddenly it turned overcast and the sky darkened. I followed in the car and when they got out a little further onto the main road towards Eden THEY STARTED TO RUN! It's fortunate that Manny and Gustav are as physically fit as they are (it's all that wonderful farm work....), because it took some real endurance to keep up with the Puffballs all sprinting down the road through the village of Gösinge on their way back to the farm. That's Manny out in front with the grain bucket and Gustav bringing up the rear. It was pretty chilly by then.
When they had run themselves out (the sheep, not the boys) they finally slowed down a bit as they rounded the bend and made their way into the farmyard.

HERE THEY COME!!! We were so glad to see them all safely in. The boys did a great job as usual and it was one more step towards having everything done for the winter season.

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